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    Bloggers are supposed to be consistent. Guess I’ve failed there; been about four weeks since my last blog. I’ve been busy. Mostly playing poker. Anyway, here’s an update on my activity over the last month.

    Playing Poker

    On April 5th, ACR changed the way the money is taken for the Beast. This changed everything for me. Playing poker is no longer a pure race of putting in massive amounts of hands. I have green numbers in my database. I’ve cut my tables down to about 30 (normally between 27-32) instead of the 45 I used to play. I’ve retooled my strategy to account for the reduced rake and more focused play. My buy-in is 100x and my VPIP/PFR is double my old style. The new strategy requires more focus, so I’m rarely watching movies, listening to audio books, or playing games as I used to.

    It’s like I’m back in 2007 and 2008, except this time I have a more resolute work ethic. I’ve made a commitment to a minimum of 40 hours a week. I’ve been successful with this goal thus far. In the afternoon, I typically play every table from 25nl to 600nl. In the evening, typically more than 40 tables are running. In contrast to pre-April 5th, I fill up my tables from the larger stakes to the low stakes. So, sometimes I have no micros games going. In the four weeks of play (I took one week off because of spring break with my kids), I put in 290,000 hands. At the micros (25nl and 50nl), I’ve broke even. At the small and mid stakes, I’ve won about 2.5bb/100. With the mix of stakes thus far, I’m about 1.5bb/100 over this 300k hands.

    So far, I’ve gotten first place in the Beast each of the four weeks I’ve played. First place is no longer my ultimate goal. I imagine I’ll get 2nd at some point here. I’m working out a more sane schedule than pre-Apr 5th. Second place will feel weird I’m sure. I was in second on a Thursday a few weeks ago. However, I decided that just won’t due for that week. So, I ran down first and passed him on the last day. With the summer months approaching, I’m guessing I’ll have weeks where I won’t do that. While the prize difference between first and second is still incentivizing, with a winrate, it’s not that big of a deal anymore.

    Playing small and mid stakes, I’m getting points much more quickly in the elite program. However, I will not reach the 5 Star General (Supernova Elite equivalent) status on ACR this year. Perhaps I will in 2015 with a full year of playing larger stakes. I did the calculations this morning; it will be close for a full year of play.

    Studying Poker

    I’ve been spending much time studying poker and working on my game. I continue to uncover areas for improvement, which is thrilling for me. I’m striving to spend at least 30 minutes every day working on strategies. I’m hit and miss with this goal…only so many hours in a day. However, I’m excited about the progress I’ve been making both in my understanding of the game and the application at the tables.

    Two days ago, I received Tipton’s new book, Volume 2: Strategies for Multiple Streets. Only getting started (on page 20), but I’m confident it will be a fruitful read. I’ll provide a blog review when I’m finished with a first read through.

    Unfortunately, working on Postflop Course Part 2 has come to an abrupt halt over the last month. I must be realistic with how I allocate my time, and now, working on Part 2 is low on my priority list. Certainly the time will come when I pick up the writing again.

    Family Time

    Turns out I’m still a husband to a wonderful wife and father to three great children! :) Working out a sane poker schedule is an effort to enjoy my family. With summer break on the way, I’m sure my blogging will be sparse.

    So….that’s the update. See you at the tables.



    Nice article, interesting to read about your poker activity. Good luck for 2nd place!
    Also do update about Volume 2: Strategies for Multiple Streets, I would like to know if its good to go through for strategies! Thanks and have a good time at the tables!

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