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The State of Online Poker

I have a friend who’s been ranting a bit lately about how online poker sucks these days. He’s especially sour about the Beast on Americas Cardroom. “Games are littered with you regs. No fish!” I’ve been hearing this type of talk since I started poker in 2004. Players saying how much better poker was in the past. Seems it’s a recurring theme. Perhaps the state of online poker does get worse every year, idk. However, I was convinced there were plenty of good games on Americas Cardroom to keep most players busy. Not many players are going to have more than 20 tables open. And besides, I don’t remember any time when you could just open 20 great tables. So, I decided to start an experiment.

One of the articles in Poker Perspectives highlights table selection. It’s not that table selection is important to winning poker. Table selection is winning poker. There’s a bit more to that story, of course. When I’m 46-tabling for the Beast, I’m far from my sharpest game—especially if I’m simultaneously watching a movie or listening to an audio book, which is fairly common. So, good game selection and focus.

This round of the Beast has been relaxed. No one is chasing me, so I’ve meandered to 54k points. After a few days, I decided to try something different. I decided to only play about 35 tables. I take any 35 micro tables, first come first serve. Then I peruse the midstakes game and pick 1-3 of those tables. Only good tables. There are almost always two good tables. I put most my focus on those tables, and make quick decisions at the micros. Here’s what the midstakes have looked like for this round of the Beast:


For playing 37-38 tables, I’ll take those results.

As the Beast has slowed down even more the last couple days, I decided to exercise table selection like a pro. How I would approach the site if I weren’t simply focused on winning the Beast. I’ve taken this approach for two days now. I end up with between 12 and 18 tables. Decent to great tables. I also keep searching while I play. It’s work. It feels like work.

Below are my results using table selection the last two days.


And keep in mind, both these graphs are include the extra drop for the Beast.

Small sample, sure. But I don’t see green numbers often while 46 tabling the Beast. Strong correlation with change and two days of green numbers. It’s refreshing to see the green again. I think I’ll toy with this plan for a while. The Beast is changing Feb. 1st (a blog to come soon on this), so I’ll likely switch up my strategy anyway. I’ll keep you all posted on my results.

Now, I can’t speak to the world of online poker; I only play on one site. But, I’d say this site is great. Plenty of good games to be found. Withdrawing is better than I’ve had in 10 years. WMP has a great rewards program, etc. Someone else will have to speak for the rest of the online poker world. For Americas Cardroom, I give two thumbs up.

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