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Keep Grinding the Poker Tables

Well…still under $3k on all-in, but today felt a lot less doom-switchy than yesterday. I’m encouraged with how the Beast feels with the reduced rake. I feel like I can keep green numbers while grinding. Today was all around 30 tables. I’ve been playing more of my normal game than my typical 46 table mode. Once I felt quite rushed, and sure enough, I had 36 tables going. It’s just too much to run over a 20 vpip-for me at least. Here’s the results since April 5th with the new Beast. I can definitely feel the release from the rake. However, it’s difficult to say if my improved results are a product of playing my normal game or the reduced rake. Certainly both are a factor. Wish I would have played more with the old Beast…but there was money to print.

I’m not far from first place. I wasn’t planning on getting first, but I doubt I’ll pass up on it now. Next week I’ll be travelling a lot, so I might as well knock it out this round.

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