Multitabling on WPN (America’s Cardroom) with a Controller

Here’s a demo of me using this setup while playing around 41 tables. People have emailed and PM’d me about getting this setup for a couple years now, wanting to pay me, etc. I’ve never done it. Now…here it is for everyone—free of charge. It will likely be a while before I masstable again. I don’t wish to sell this because I don’t want to support it. I’m sure the code could be more efficient, etc. Getting it to work on your setup will take some time and patience. I’m sure I have a couple weeks work in getting this … Continue reading Multitabling on WPN (America’s Cardroom) with a Controller


An Overdue Update

Bloggers are supposed to be consistent. Guess I’ve failed there; been about four weeks since my last blog. I’ve been busy. Mostly playing poker. Anyway, here’s an update on my activity over the last month. Playing Poker On April 5th, ACR changed the way the money is taken for the Beast. This changed everything for me. Playing poker is no longer a pure race of putting in massive amounts of hands. I have green numbers in my database. I’ve cut my tables down to about 30 (normally between 27-32) instead of the 45 I used to play. I’ve retooled my … Continue reading An Overdue Update


I Win Money Playing Poker

Since I’ve been grinding the Beast, playing 45 tables paying little attention to the action, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen green numbers in my database. With the new Beast design, I’ve cut my tables down to 25-35, I’ve been paying attention…and what do you know!? It looks like I may win money at the tables! Feels good after so many red numbers. I’m still down about 2800 in all-in, but we’ll see what the future holds for my results. Just thought I’d share the green numbers Like this post? Receive free tips and articles from QTipPoker.


Keep Grinding the Poker Tables

Well…still under $3k on all-in, but today felt a lot less doom-switchy than yesterday. I’m encouraged with how the Beast feels with the reduced rake. I feel like I can keep green numbers while grinding. Today was all around 30 tables. I’ve been playing more of my normal game than my typical 46 table mode. Once I felt quite rushed, and sure enough, I had 36 tables going. It’s just too much to run over a 20 vpip-for me at least. Here’s the results since April 5th with the new Beast. I can definitely feel the release from the rake. … Continue reading Keep Grinding the Poker Tables


Poker Doom Switch Enabled

Sooo…after a three-week break from the tables, I have the grind on again for the new Beast. I’ve got much going on lately, so I don’t know what place I’ll get. I’m just playing around 25-30 tables and seeing what happens. I was excited to see the impact of the reduced rake and see what might results would look like with 15-20 fewer tables. It’s definitely a change in strategy, and I’m still adjusting to everything. The doom switch has definitely welcomed me back to the tables. There’s no cap in these results, so it’s all just a straight variance … Continue reading Poker Doom Switch Enabled


Why Think About GTO Poker?

I received a Facebook PM from a player the other day: “How can working on your frequencies can be better than working your hands through CardrunnerEV and making the most +EV plays based on your assumptions?” If you’ve followed my work through the years, you know I’ve said little about GTO/Balance. I’ve always focused on pounding away on my opponents’ weakness. If there are no/little weaknesses present, I find greener pastures. Over the last eight months, I’ve spent much time on GTO ideas, and I think this focus is surprising to many of my readers. So…a public answer to this … Continue reading Why Think About GTO Poker?


Frequency Work Hand Four

Played this hand at 1/2 the other night. Turns out Snowie wants to check the flop (as is so often the case oop). On this flop, UTG’s range has 56.4% equity against the button’s flatting range. This is actually quite strong from what I’ve seen with most range vs range flop equities from snowie’s ranges. They’re typically somewhere between 52 and 56 for one player. I’ve not yet been able to find the pattern with Snowie’s flop betting frequencies; however, I’ve not spent much time on it yet. In the coming hand analyses, I hope to get a better idea … Continue reading Frequency Work Hand Four


Frequency Work Hand Three

Until I learn more, I’m using the frequencies and recommended bet size in Snowie. If you feel the frequency is whacked, I’d love to hear the discussion. I’ll be checking it out myself; no idea what these are going to look like. (As it turns out, when Snowie gives a percentage for an action, it’s not including card removal for the combos of the previous street. So, my numbers are a bit off for my buckets. I didn’t go back and redo my buckets after finding this out. The weighted combos on the turn and river are because not all … Continue reading Frequency Work Hand Three


GTO Mental Pitfalls

GTO mental pitfalls…I’m an expert in this topic as I think I’ve fallen in every mental pitfall available on my current, unfulfilled journey to understanding this topic. In 2007, The Mathematics of Poker was published, and I’ve been confused ever since. Recently, a wave of poker literature hit the market about game theory and unexploitable poker strategies. I’ve read these books, discussed the ideas with others, and I’m making progress in grasping concepts. Let’s get some semantics out of the way. When players say GTO, they typically mean playing an unexploitable strategy (specifically, the most +EV unexploitable strategy). That’s how … Continue reading GTO Mental Pitfalls