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Vacation is Over

Welcome to 2014! I took much-needed vacation time the last two weeks of December. Filled my time with: Family vacation to Florida for a week to enjoy the beach and each other. Holiday gatherings with friends and family. Loads of close-up card magic practice. Now vacation is over. What’s on my poker agenda for 2014? It depends. The Beast The first round of January’s Beast competition is well on its way, but I’ve yet to play a hand. I planned on playing this round, but a week ago, I realized my kids don’t go back to school until the 6th. … Continue reading Vacation is Over


Winding down Poker in 2013

2013 poker is coming to a close. This round of the Beast is almost wrapped up. I’ll play little poker after the 15th as I’m not competing in the last round of the Beast. I’m going to take some time off with the family. I’ve put in more volume in over the last 12 months of play than I ever dreamed. Here’s a recap of my poker playing since October 2012. September 2012: The Beast started in August, 2012. I didn’t participate for the first two months. The Winning Poker Network contacted me to see if I’d be willing to … Continue reading Winding down Poker in 2013

Jess and I

AKA MamaCoolJ

I started playing online poker in 2004. Over the years, I’ve played on about 40 sites with probably a couple dozen usernames. Using MamaCoolJ at Americas Cardroom was a recycled username. Here’s the story of MamaCoolJ. In 2002, my wife and I volunteered with a youth group for a week at a homeless shelter in New York City. Along with about 30 other people in the group, we made many wonderful memories. During the trip, the teens in the group dubbed my wife MamaCoolJ. After the trip, the usage soon wore off, but I always liked it. (So, the pic … Continue reading AKA MamaCoolJ


All-Wheel Drive Bad Beat Jackpot

About a month ago, I held quads with JJ on a QQJTJ board. I bet the river, got raised, and groaned, “oh please, please, please, please…” Sure enough, Villain held QQ, and I won the BBJ! I started whooping, and my 10-year old son came running in the office, “What Dad! Was it the bbj!? Was it the bbj!?” #warpedchildhood The amount I won was just over what I owed on my family’s vehicle. The fun part about paying the vehicle off: I won an extra $2k on top of the bbj amount through the interest savings. I just made … Continue reading All-Wheel Drive Bad Beat Jackpot


Beast Title Up For Grabs: Possible Winners

It’s official. I’ll be spending the second half of December with my family. No grinding for me during that time. So, the Beast title is up for grabs the second round of December. Even though I won’t be playing, I’m positive I’ll be watching the race. I took the summer off as well to finish Poker’s Postflop Course, take a Vegas trip, and spend some summer time with the kids. I watched all those races. It’s just fun to me. Who’s gonna win it? Well…here are my thoughts. GiftOfGab: insanely fast. When he plays, it’s off to the races immediately. … Continue reading Beast Title Up For Grabs: Possible Winners


The Gauntlet has been Thrown Down

…and the gauntlet just lies there… Nov. 16 launched the second portion of the Beast this month. My old competitor, GiftOfGab, decided to join the competition this month, so I’ve welcomed him by pounding out 61,774 hands today. That 17,000 points for day one. Last round, I won with 46K points. We’ll see what this round holds. Second place hasn’t gone to sleep yet, but he only has 12k points. I was able to pick up about 5 hours of sleep and take a dinner break. Took a quick trip to Chipotle…changed it up with barbacoa meat instead of steak. … Continue reading The Gauntlet has been Thrown Down


Rethinking Winning Poker: The Best Graph in Small Stakes Poker

Rethinking Winning Poker: The Best Graph in Small Stakes Poker The Beast is something like a progressive rake race on the Winning Network. Part of the bbj goes towards creating a prize pool that’s distributed among the top rakers on the network. In mid September this year I was busy working on a fourth book and picking away at the 5/10, 10/20, and 15/30 games that occasionally form on the Winning Network. I had no desire to participate in the Beast. However, I was contacted by the network to see if I would participate in the webcam idea they were … Continue reading Rethinking Winning Poker: The Best Graph in Small Stakes Poker