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Multitabling on WPN (America’s Cardroom) with a Controller

Here’s a demo of me using this setup while playing around 41 tables. People have emailed and PM’d me about getting this setup for a couple years now, wanting to pay me, etc. I’ve never done it. Now…here it is for everyone—free of charge. It will likely be a while before I masstable again. I don’t wish to sell this because I don’t want to support it. I’m sure the code could be more efficient, etc. Getting it to work on your setup will take some time and patience. I’m sure I have a couple weeks work in getting this … Continue reading Multitabling on WPN (America’s Cardroom) with a Controller


An Overdue Update

Bloggers are supposed to be consistent. Guess I’ve failed there; been about four weeks since my last blog. I’ve been busy. Mostly playing poker. Anyway, here’s an update on my activity over the last month. Playing Poker On April 5th, ACR changed the way the money is taken for the Beast. This changed everything for me. Playing poker is no longer a pure race of putting in massive amounts of hands. I have green numbers in my database. I’ve cut my tables down to about 30 (normally between 27-32) instead of the 45 I used to play. I’ve retooled my … Continue reading An Overdue Update


I Win Money Playing Poker

Since I’ve been grinding the Beast, playing 45 tables paying little attention to the action, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen green numbers in my database. With the new Beast design, I’ve cut my tables down to 25-35, I’ve been paying attention…and what do you know!? It looks like I may win money at the tables! Feels good after so many red numbers. I’m still down about 2800 in all-in, but we’ll see what the future holds for my results. Just thought I’d share the green numbers Like this post? Receive free tips and articles from QTipPoker.


Keep Grinding the Poker Tables

Well…still under $3k on all-in, but today felt a lot less doom-switchy than yesterday. I’m encouraged with how the Beast feels with the reduced rake. I feel like I can keep green numbers while grinding. Today was all around 30 tables. I’ve been playing more of my normal game than my typical 46 table mode. Once I felt quite rushed, and sure enough, I had 36 tables going. It’s just too much to run over a 20 vpip-for me at least. Here’s the results since April 5th with the new Beast. I can definitely feel the release from the rake. … Continue reading Keep Grinding the Poker Tables


Poker Doom Switch Enabled

Sooo…after a three-week break from the tables, I have the grind on again for the new Beast. I’ve got much going on lately, so I don’t know what place I’ll get. I’m just playing around 25-30 tables and seeing what happens. I was excited to see the impact of the reduced rake and see what might results would look like with 15-20 fewer tables. It’s definitely a change in strategy, and I’m still adjusting to everything. The doom switch has definitely welcomed me back to the tables. There’s no cap in these results, so it’s all just a straight variance … Continue reading Poker Doom Switch Enabled


Beast to Beauty

The Winning Poker Network stepped up to the plate. In early April, The Beast changes to a Beauty—perhaps the best promotion I’ve ever seen in online poker. To the point, the players have paid for the Beast payouts. For many players, this payment was increased rake. Having green numbers in your database (especially at micro games) was out of reach for most players. Now, WPN is footing the bill for the Beast payouts, without increasing the rake. The result should be fantastic for players. For anyone in the leaderboard, WPN offers less rake than anywhere online (that I know of … Continue reading Beast to Beauty


Bandits and Biatches

In 2005, I started a thread at twoplustwo where regulars posted the players to whom they won and lost the most. After a few million hands on the Winning Poker Network, here are my top three Bandits and Biatches. Bandits: 1. Heavypaella (This guy has been destroying me at an alarming pace.) 2. QIGONG 3. Oscarmck Biatches: 1. phillypie 2. n0ts0graci0us1ndefeat 3. mbolt1 (I ran like god against poor Matt.) I have guys I’ve won/lost more to from bigger stakes, but these are the players against whom I’ve put in significant volume at the micros. As true to the poker … Continue reading Bandits and Biatches


The Beast Goes Weekly

The Beast started in October 2012 as a monthly competition. I don’t think anyone had in mind the type of volume players could put in. Month after month, we top couple players would grind hard for a week and race to about 85K points. Then…we’d sit there…for the remaining three weeks. I was always in first, keeping about a 10K lead over second. Third usually with a third or even a quarter of my points. Clearly the stagnant three weeks isn’t what the Winning Poker Network hoped for when creating the Beast. But who would have guessed players would put … Continue reading The Beast Goes Weekly


The State of Online Poker

I have a friend who’s been ranting a bit lately about how online poker sucks these days. He’s especially sour about the Beast on Americas Cardroom. “Games are littered with you regs. No fish!” I’ve been hearing this type of talk since I started poker in 2004. Players saying how much better poker was in the past. Seems it’s a recurring theme. Perhaps the state of online poker does get worse every year, idk. However, I was convinced there were plenty of good games on Americas Cardroom to keep most players busy. Not many players are going to have more … Continue reading The State of Online Poker