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An Overdue Update

Bloggers are supposed to be consistent. Guess I’ve failed there; been about four weeks since my last blog. I’ve been busy. Mostly playing poker. Anyway, here’s an update on my activity over the last month. Playing Poker On April 5th, ACR changed the way the money is taken for the Beast. This changed everything for me. Playing poker is no longer a pure race of putting in massive amounts of hands. I have green numbers in my database. I’ve cut my tables down to about 30 (normally between 27-32) instead of the 45 I used to play. I’ve retooled my … Continue reading An Overdue Update


The Birth of Hole Card Confessions

Hole Card Confessions was my second poker book. As I mentioned in the story of Poker Math That Matters, I didn’t have books in mind when I began outlining how I’d teach poker math. You may remember the two keys to poker: accurate assumptions and making the best decision. Math gave players the ability to begin making the best decision given certain assumptions. However, without accurate assumptions, knowledge of poker math isn’t sufficient to beat opponents. To help players, I needed to help them work on the accurate assumptions. So, I began working on Hole Card Confessions immediately after releasing … Continue reading The Birth of Hole Card Confessions


The Story of Poker Math That Matters

When I started playing poker in 2004, I knew very little math. My last math class in high school was Algebra 2, and I took one algebra course in college. Those classes were years behind me, and I forgot most that material by 2004. When I began learning poker, I found the 2+2 forums. I admired how some posters used math to analyze decisions. Reading their math-based posts was incredibly confusing to me. So, I got a couple poker math books and started reading. The books I got made things worse. They simply through numbers at me for memory work. … Continue reading The Story of Poker Math That Matters


Videos for Poker’s Postflop Course

If you’ve not subscribed to my youtube channel, perhaps you’d like to so you don’t miss the video series summarizing Poker’s Postflop Course Part 1: The River. You can also find the videos in my forums. I have two videos completed and the third should be up tonight or tomorrow. Episodes one through three cover check or bet when in position. Episode one: value-betting and sizing Episode two: bluffing and sizing Episode three: comparing value-betting and bluffing, and opening the betting It’s been about six months since I spent time in this book. Sufficient time that reading it is similar … Continue reading Videos for Poker’s Postflop Course


Vacation is Over

Welcome to 2014! I took much-needed vacation time the last two weeks of December. Filled my time with: Family vacation to Florida for a week to enjoy the beach and each other. Holiday gatherings with friends and family. Loads of close-up card magic practice. Now vacation is over. What’s on my poker agenda for 2014? It depends. The Beast The first round of January’s Beast competition is well on its way, but I’ve yet to play a hand. I planned on playing this round, but a week ago, I realized my kids don’t go back to school until the 6th. … Continue reading Vacation is Over



While I do maintain good ear hygiene, the name QTip has a different beginning. Here’s how the name QTip started. In 1997, I worked in a cabinet building company. On lunch break, a group of 10 guys always got together to play 30 minutes of basketball. It just made sense: you didn’t eat and you got to return to work a sweaty mess…what’s not to love? It was often my task to guard a quick-witted character, Joe. While 10 years my senior and slightly overweight, he was a handful for me to guard. One afternoon, Joe faked a shot, and … Continue reading AKA QTip


I’ve Got a Fever!

And the only prescription is more hand analysis! Hey! I’ve added forums to the website. If you have a hand you’d like to get my thoughts on or whatever, post it here. I’ll be posting some hands as well. I’ve got some rust on my thought process I’m looking to polish off, and I’ve been working on some different ideas. In all my material, I talk about taking time away from the tables to work on your game. Posting hands is a wonderful way to do that. If you’re looking for pot odds and combo work, then river decisions or … Continue reading I’ve Got a Fever!

Website Troubles

One of the joys of creating my own website is having everything get destroyed when I have a fit of creativity. So…I corrupted the old database yesterday and had to start afresh. My apologies to everyone who had posted comments on blogs and such; those comments are gone. Good news is we all get to start anew I’ve incorporated a forum, and I’m looking to create some study groups. I’ll keep you posted. Like this post? Receive free tips and articles from QTipPoker.