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Frequency Work Hand Four

Played this hand at 1/2 the other night. Turns out Snowie wants to check the flop (as is so often the case oop). On this flop, UTG’s range has 56.4% equity against the button’s flatting range. This is actually quite strong from what I’ve seen with most range vs range flop equities from snowie’s ranges. They’re typically somewhere between 52 and 56 for one player. I’ve not yet been able to find the pattern with Snowie’s flop betting frequencies; however, I’ve not spent much time on it yet. In the coming hand analyses, I hope to get a better idea … Continue reading Frequency Work Hand Four


Frequency Work Hand Three

Until I learn more, I’m using the frequencies and recommended bet size in Snowie. If you feel the frequency is whacked, I’d love to hear the discussion. I’ll be checking it out myself; no idea what these are going to look like. (As it turns out, when Snowie gives a percentage for an action, it’s not including card removal for the combos of the previous street. So, my numbers are a bit off for my buckets. I didn’t go back and redo my buckets after finding this out. The weighted combos on the turn and river are because not all … Continue reading Frequency Work Hand Three


Frequencies in a Haystack

Through personal work, I’m convinced frequencies truly are king. I did some work tonight with PokerSnowie Coach. The goal was to find some patterns in frequencies so I could estimate the correct-at least ballpark-frequencies based on patters in the changing factors. Unfortunately, this goal seems perhaps unattainable. I’m hoping Snowie is wrong with these numbers. Here’s what Snowie told me in these two simple situations. This is incredibly discouraging to me. I’m not finding any pattern or rule of thumb remotely useful. The number of situations seems incredibly daunting; too many and too far apart to use rounding based on … Continue reading Frequencies in a Haystack


Frequency Work Hand Two (River)

This hand actually saw a river. Mr Francois asked me on Facebook why I didn’t post the river. While I simply didn’t include the river because there was enough work on the flop and turn to give me practice for the day, I thought it would be cool to see it through to the end. I tried the actual river and then two more hypothetical rivers with different impacts. Hand: Winning Poker Network Game #258207120: No Limit Holdem ($0.25/$0.50) [2014/02/27 04:55:06 UTC] Seats: 6 Seat 1: Bucyrus ($50) Seat 2: treydeuce88 ($121.72) Seat 3: tussiN ($50) Seat 4: Cpt.Dirty ($87.45) … Continue reading Frequency Work Hand Two (River)


Frequency Work Hand Two

A few things: 1. I’m going to move at a slow pace in terms of getting to more difficult work. I want to work with smaller ranges for now and simple situations. Also, I want to figure out more about getting more accurate frequencies before I explore too much. At this point, I’ll continue with some UTG opening situations and betting…I’m going to grab different textures for each one. Then I’ll probably do MP and CO from there. Then I’ll do some calling work with tighter ranges. Then we’ll move to huge ranges…then we’ll move to creating separate buckets for … Continue reading Frequency Work Hand Two


Frequency Work Hand One

After finishing Miller’s Poker’s 1%, I’ve decided to make an effort to analyze at least one hand a day. I’ll blog these for a while, I guess. Hopefully other students of the game can add value to my analysis as well as glean value themselves. I’m a noob at this, so take whatever with a grain of salt. Hopefully, we’ll do some learning together. So…here’s hand one. Hand: Winning Poker Network Game #253302023: No Limit Holdem ($0.50/$1) Seat 1: SemperFidelis ($109.18) Seat 2: FairyShopper ($103.50) Seat 3: nyustud ($51.68) Seat 4: HenryMcCoy63 ($324.76) Seat 5: MamaCoolJ ($58.37) Seat 6: Casinoking … Continue reading Frequency Work Hand One