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Bandits and Biatches

In 2005, I started a thread at twoplustwo where regulars posted the players to whom they won and lost the most. After a few million hands on the Winning Poker Network, here are my top three Bandits and Biatches. Bandits: 1. Heavypaella (This guy has been destroying me at an alarming pace.) 2. QIGONG 3. Oscarmck Biatches: 1. phillypie 2. n0ts0graci0us1ndefeat 3. mbolt1 (I ran like god against poor Matt.) I have guys I’ve won/lost more to from bigger stakes, but these are the players against whom I’ve put in significant volume at the micros. As true to the poker … Continue reading Bandits and Biatches


If to the River You Go

Tonight I was grinding away on 46 tables. This hand popped up. Hero J♦J♥ Flop: J♠3♥5♠. Action: Bet/Raise/Reraise/Ship/Call Villain Shows: A♠K♠ Now…I’m playing 46 tables here. Hands are flying by. To keep this table handy and see what happens is a bit taxing to my processes. And, honestly, what does it matter from here. I know his hand, we’re all in, etc. To my surprise, I said in my best yoda voice (and it’s not very good), “If to the river you go…”. Never said that before, no idea how it came out of my mouth (How does that happen?). … Continue reading If to the River You Go


All-Wheel Drive Bad Beat Jackpot

About a month ago, I held quads with JJ on a QQJTJ board. I bet the river, got raised, and groaned, “oh please, please, please, please…” Sure enough, Villain held QQ, and I won the BBJ! I started whooping, and my 10-year old son came running in the office, “What Dad! Was it the bbj!? Was it the bbj!?” #warpedchildhood The amount I won was just over what I owed on my family’s vehicle. The fun part about paying the vehicle off: I won an extra $2k on top of the bbj amount through the interest savings. I just made … Continue reading All-Wheel Drive Bad Beat Jackpot


I Can Sense Your Top Pair…

Villain’s line below is among the most entertaining lines I see. Every time I see the “minbet/call, minbet/call, minbet/stack”, my mind wanders to Star Wars Episode 3. *********************************************************** *** HOLE CARDS *** MamaCoolJ: dealt [Kc Kh] SiLingPhan: folds bigal1944: calls $0.25 Ahnutz: calls $0.25 MamaCoolJ: raises $1.25 NAVYCHIEFRET: folds Xclusiv1: folds bigal1944: calls $1 Ahnutz: calls $1 *** FLOP *** [Kd 5d Ah] bigal1944: bets $0.25 Ahnutz: folds MamaCoolJ: raises $1.25 bigal1944: calls $1 *** TURN *** [Kd 5d Ah] [Qd] bigal1944: bets $0.25 MamaCoolJ: raises $4 bigal1944: calls $3.75 *** RIVER *** [Kd 5d Ah] [Qd] [9c] bigal1944: bets … Continue reading I Can Sense Your Top Pair…